A New Methodology for Accelerating Simulation Model Development Process

S.T.W.S. Yapa, D.R. Clegg, and T.D.S. Perera (UK)


Simulation Tools and Techniques, Rapid Model development


Among the stages of a simulation project life cycle the model development phase is the longest. Two major reasons for the lengthiness are the lack of understanding of the system by the modeller and the difficulty in programming. Many researchers have tried to accelerate the process mainly by improving the programming efficiency. However these approaches do not guarantee that the model developed in a shorter time is the model which represents the actual physical model. Under the proposed approach a software tool will allow the modeller to develop a conceptual model of the system in the user domain independently of any simulation language. Once the conceptual model is finalized it is automatically translated into the computer simulation model. This will reduce the time needed to produce a valid model as well as to verify the developed computer model.

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