Dynamical Reconstruction for Treating Correspondence between Pathological Event and Intracranial Pressure based on Experimental Measurements Fiber-Optic Catheter

S. Calcagno, D. Costantino, F.C. Morabito, C. Tuscano, and M. Versaci (Italy)


Intracranial pressure, non linear analysis, recurrence plot, phases space.


The study of intracranial pressure evolution can be considered as an important step of measurement of compliance of a human brain in which the intracranial pressure estimation and prediction plays and important role. In this paper, we propose dynamical reconstruction of intracranial pressure signals (time series sampled by using experimental data with fiber-optic catheter) in order to treat correspondence with pathological events. In particular, by means of non linear analysis of time series based on the concept of deterministic chaos and recurrent plots, we have beeen exploited for characterizing the correspondance.

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