Deformable Parametric Model for Left Ventricle Wall Motion Simulation

A. Bravo, R. Medina, G. Passariello (Venezuela), and M. Garreau (France)


Animation, Free–Form Deformation, left ventricle, Visual Human Database, radial contraction index, torsion index.


In this paper, 3–D left ventricle (LV) shapes extracted from the visual human database (VHD) are animated us ing Free–Form Deformation (FFD) techniques. The start ing 3–D shape is obtained after segmentation of endocar dial and epicardial walls from cryogenic sections of the male VHD. From these contours, endocardial and epicar dial walls surfaces are reconstructed using Delaunay trian gulation. These surfaces are deformed to simulate the dy namical contraction using FFD techniques guided by prior– knowledge about the left ventricle motion. From the re sulting 4–D (3–D + time) shapes, mechanical parameters are calculated and compared with results of works previ ously reported based in Tagged Magnetic Resonance (MR tagging) images. Results show a plausible evolution of the left ventricle shape during the cardiac cycle.

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