Clinical Trail Simulation with LeanSim

P. Fonseca, I. Abbas, J. Casanovas, and J. Montero (Spain)


Simulation, Clinical trials, process interaction, LeanSim.


The creation of a new medical treatment, based usually in a new medicament, involve time, patients and medical centers, related to the clinical trial necessary in order to determine the safety of the new medicament. This implies that the medical centers must do some extra job in order to determine the advantage, or not of the new alternative. One of the problems related to the clinical trials experimentation are abandon of patients due different reasons, which invalidate the whole experiment or causes a delay in the trial, due the reduction in the number of individuals in order to do posterior statistical calculus. For a pharmaceutical industry the reduction of time in the process of validation of a new medicament represents a critical reduction of the trial cost. With the presented system is possible to reproduce, through a simulation model, the whole experiment before his real implementation allowing the detection of problems reducing experimentation time. Also the model allows the better understand of the clinical trial and allows the possibility of tests different alternatives in order to make a comparison between them.

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