Comparison and Effects of Micro Corneal Incisions - Planning Base for Ophthalmic Surgical Interventions -

K.P. Scherer, H. Guth, P. Stiller (Germany), and W. Wackernagel (Austria)


Human eye, corneal tissue behaviour, stress distribution tissue deformation, surgical incision, parameter variation, parameterised simulation.


In the past, no knowledge existed about the influence of the different parameters in surgical interventions on human eyes. Using Finite Element methods the effect of the parameters applied, both patient specific as well as surgical, can be studied. By partial incisions (less than 100% into the cornea) a special tissue deformation desired to correct different types of ametropia can be induced. At the Institute for Applied Computer Science of the Karlsruhe Research Centre, FEM methods are used, to model parameterised incisions. By means of biomechanical simulations, the deformations of the corneal tissue and stress distributions can be predicted. This is very important for determining the post-operative tissue behaviour and the optical behaviour which provides information about the resulting vision quality.

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