Simple Measures to Improve the Performances of the Backward/Forward Method for Radial Distribution Network Analysis

A. Augugliaro, L. Dusonchet, S. Favuzza, M.G. Ippolito, and E. Riva Sanseverino (Italy)


Backward/forward method, Load flow analysis, Power Distribution.


In the paper, after having presented the general backward/forward methodology for radial systems analysis, the main changes that have been proposed in the past to improve their convergence and speed performance are shown. Some measures aimed at a further reduction of the number of iterations and calculation times are here described. In order to identify, among the available alternatives, the best methodology, in terms of precision and/or speed of convergence, some evaluations on networks taken from the literature have been carried out. The analysis of the attained results allows the definition, on the basis of specific features of the problem at hand, the most suitable configuration to be implemented to solve the network with the b/f analysis methodology.

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