A Proposal for an Integrated Utilities Engineering Management ME Program

F.S. Barnes, E.F. Fuchs, J.S. Tietjen, J. Silverstein, H.-Y. Ko, T. Lookabaugh, T.X. Brown, and D.C. Sicker (USA)


Utilities management Master of Engineering program, electrical engineering, civil engineering, telecommunications, educational program


: Electric, telecommunications, water, gas and transportation utilities face severe challenges associated with a combination of technical, economic and social issues. To meet the educational needs for engineers and managers the University of Colorado at Boulder is proposing a novel integrated utilities management program for Master of Engineering (ME) candidates. The ME program will consist of four interdisciplinary paths dealing with business, management and legal topics as they relate to federal and state regulatory issues and people-related leadership issues. The electric utilities option of this program will be centered on three core courses related to electric power generation/transmission and distribution, security and availability, quality and reliability, economics and environmental policy, and utility finance; two electives from a group of courses that address nuclear power, waste water, solid waste, telecommunications, renewable energies, data communication, fuels and case studies; and one capstone course. Courses will be taught both on campus and nationwide via the Center for Advanced Engineering and Technology Education (CAETE) of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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