A Novel Approach to Power System State Estimation and Controller Design

A. Mohammadi, N. Pariz, H.M. Shanechi, M. Hesamzadeh, H. Seifi, and H. Keivani (Iran)


State Estimation, LQG Controller, Modal Series.


This paper provides a novel state estimating and controller design approach to nonlinear power systems. This approach is based on modal series model of nonlinear systems, which is very beneficial for nonlinear system modelling since it introduces many dynamics of nonlinear system, which may be lost when using a linear model. We can apply linear controller design schemes to modal series model with a little modification, but a better performance will achieve since the modal series model of a nonlinear system is more accurate than its linear model. In this paper, we illustrate a LQG (Linear Quadratic Gaussian) controller design scheme for power systems using modal series model of a nonlinear power system. Some simulations are arranged to evaluate the results of what argued in this paper.

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