Scale Factor Self Tuning Fuzzy Controller

N. Boonpirom and K. Paitoonwattanakij (Thailand)


scale factor self tuning fuzzy controller (SFFC), separately excited d.c. motor.


This paper presents a scale factor self tuning fuzzy controller (SFFC) which applies for separately excited d.c. motor speed controller. The objective is to build a scale factor self tuning Fuzzy controller for d.c. motor speed control. The advantages of using fuzzy controller are to acquire the optimal scale factor from each motor without testing the electrical and mechanical parameters and the transfer function of d.c. motor. The value of scaling factor self tuning is evaluated during the iterative operation. The performance of speed response is evaluated and create the new scale factor to use in the next loop until the optimal scale factor obtained. For the experimental results, the proposed method has been tested with a 1 kw. separately excited d.c. motor for both step response and various step loads.

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