3D-3B SVPWM Active Filter based on IEEE Standard 1459

S. Orts, F.J. Gimeno, A. Abellán, S. Seguí, M. Alcañiz and R. Masot (Spain)


Active Filters, IEEE Std. 1459, 3D SVPWM.


IEEE Standard 1459-2000 presents new definitions for the measurements of electric power quantities under sinusoidal, nonsinusoidal, balanced or unbalanced conditions. This standard is the new reference for the power measurement and, therefore, for the design of future measurement systems. Useful quantities like effective apparent power, fundamental direct sequence active power or voltage and current distortions are defined and quantified. These quantities are applicable for equipment analysis, non efficient consumption user advertisement or penalty purposes. These new definitions directly affect to the compensation systems design, modifying existing active filter reference currents calculation. This paper proposes the design of a new current control with IEEE standard 1459 compliance for a four wires three legs active filter. Simulation results including three dimensional three branches space vector pulse width modulation (3D-3B SVPWM) are presented.

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