New Injection Current Controller in Three-Phase Active Power Filters

A. Pigazo and V. Moreno (Spain)


Current harmonics, shunt active power filter, injection current control, Kalman filtering,


Nowadays shunt active power filters (SAPFs), due to their flexibility and reliability, are one of the most versatile and efficient solutions in the compensation of the load power factor and current harmonics. The fundamental functional blocks of a SAPF controller are the calculus of the injection reference current, the control of the DC bus and the control of the injection current. This last controller subsystem, which must achieve that the compensation current tracks the reference one, is a critical component of the controller of a SAPF. This work presents a new method to control the injection current in three-phase SAPFs using a digital predictive algorithm, which allows an optimal compensation in stationary state and during transients in the load current and variations in the source voltage. Results obtained in simulation tests and experimentally on a laboratory prototype confirm and validate the proposed technique.

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