Adhesion and Electrical Performance by Plasma Treatment of Semiconductive Silicone Rubber

K.-T. Lee, S.-M. Hwang, Y.-J. Seo, J.-I. Hong, C.-H. Hwang, and C.-S. Huh (Korea)


silicone rubber, plasma surface modification, adhesion, surface energy


In this paper, the effect of adhesion properties and electrical properties were investigated which is used on semiconductive-insulating interface layer of silicone rubber. ATR-FTIR, contact angle and Surface Roughness Tester were used for measurement of the modifications produced on the silicone surface by oxygen plasma treatment. Adhesion property was obtained from T-peel tests of semiconductive layer having different treatment durations. In addition, ac breakdown test was carried out for elucidating the change of electrical property with duration of plasma treatment. From the results, the treatment in the oxygen plasma produced a noticeable increase of surface energy can be mainly ascribed to the creation of O-H and C=O. It is observed that adhesion property was determined by surface energy and roughness level of silicone surface. It is found that ac dielectric strength was increased with improving the adhesion between the semiconductive and insulating interface.

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