Advanced Model for Expansion of Natural Gas Distribution Networks based on Geographic Information Systems

I.J. Ramírez-Rosado, L.A. Fernández-Jiménez, E. García-Garrido, P. Zorzano-Santamaria, E. Zorzano-Alba (Spain), V. Miranda, and C. Monteiro (Portugal)


Decision support systems, energy distribution planning, geographic information systems, network expansion.


Expansion planning of electric power or natural gas networks has become a consuming time engineering task due to the multiple factors that must be taken into account: technical, economic, environmental or social factors. This paper presents an advanced model of natural gas distribution networks based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) methodologies, to evaluate the cost associated to the expansion of these networks in order to meet a demand imposed by the user in any location of a region. The experimental results show that this approach produces visual and useful information for planning the expansion of natural gas distribution networks.

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