Africa Method – A Massive Parallel Processing Routine for Macroeconomic Planning

P.A. Chakalisa, R.J. Charakupa, D. Mapolelo, and D.M. Totev (Botswana)


macroeconomic planning, energy management, natural resources, linear programming


: Africa Method is another interpretation of the Linear Programming problem, mainly oriented to e Planning and considered as a community endeavour. It allows simplicity, simultaneous calculations at almost all steps of the proposed routine (massive parallel processing) and a relatively easy analysis of the solutions to various models (economic, social, etc.). The proposed method is developed and named in support of the tendency for a change from mere utilisation, even reckless exploitation (deforestation, soil degradation, etc.), of natural resources to their optimisation and, consequently, the diversification of Africa economies. A typical application of the new procedure could be Energy Management, in general, and the feasibility study of the Second Thermal Power station in Botswana in particular. Optimising the utilisation of the rich coal deposits of this country provides further development of the national economy and improvement of the environmental situation in the region as a whole - a key prerequisite for profitable tourist industry.

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