An Optimization Technique for the Choice of Advanced Automotive Electrical Systems

V. Isastia, S. Meo, and F. Esposito (Italy)


Optimization techniques, expert systems applications.


In the last years, the on-board electric power requirement is likely to increase from 1kW to 5kW for non-propulsion loads. Since the adaptability of the conventional electrical system to the needs of near future and actual electrical loads is very little, alternative architectures of powernet are required, particularly in applications x-by-wire based, where it is important to improve some of characteristics of power supply, such as reliability, uninterruptible power feed, fault-tolerant components, autonomous control. For these reasons, different architectures have been presented in literature, in order to overshot the problems of the traditional powernet. Although a large number of alternative architectures have been suggested, they have not been rigorously evaluated. Hence, it isn’t still clear how to detect the best architecture for a fixed automotive application. The goal of this paper is to introduce an optimization technique for the choice of advanced electrical systems for automotive applications.

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