A Novel Technique for Power System Dynamic Oscillations Analysis

K.M. El-Naggar and W.M. Al-Hasawi (Kuwait)


Genetic Algorithms, Dynamic Oscillations, damping constants


This paper presents a novel technique for analyzing the poorly damped low frequency oscillations in power system dynamic swings. The proposed method is based on Genetic Algorithms (GAs) optimization technique. The method uses digital set of measurement for power system dynamic swings to perform the analysis process digitally. The goal is to estimate the amount of damping in the swing curve as well as the oscillation frequency. The problem is formulated and presented as an estimation problem. The GAs based technique is used to perform the estimation process. The algorithm is tested using different simulated swing curves as well as practical study case data. Effects of number of samples, sampling frequency and the sample window size are studied. Effects of GA parameters and operators, such as population size, crossover, mutation probabilities and niching are also studied. Results are reported and discussed.

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