Unit Sizing Probabilistic Optimal of a Grid-Linked Hybrid Solar/Wind Power System

S. Gagliano, S. Raiti, and G. Tina (Italy)


Hybrid, Solar, Wind, Grid-linked, Reliability, Optimization.


A probabilistic approach is presented to optimal unit sizing of a grid connected Hybrid Solar Wind Power System (HSWPS) without storage. In consideration of probabilistic characteristics of solar insolation and wind speed, the surface area of photovoltaic array and the rated power of wind turbine are determined so as to minimize expected values of annual total cost subject to the annual Energy Index of Reliability (EIR). In this optimization problem the HSWPS model is an analytical model using statistical approach and in particular convolving the probability density function (pdf) of power generated by Solar Energy System (SES) and Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS). The objective function is evaluated on the basis of net-cash flows analysis and related pay-back period. The Optimization technique used is based on sequential quadratic programming (SQP) method. A case study is carried out on an on-site system with the option of reverse power flow into the grid, using data on solar insolation and wind speed obtained through real measurement. The optimal values of the above designs items are determined in relation to the annual EIR and the capital unit cost of HSWPS.

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