Investigation of the Current Interruption Process in Fusible Wires using High Frequency A/D Converters

C.S. Psomopoulos, C.G. Aronis, D. Diamadopoulos, C.G. Karagiannopoulos, and P.D. Bourkas (Greece)


: Fusible wires, fuse operation, fuse arcs, pre-arcing and arcing period.


The physicochemical process during the operation of fusible wires under excess or heavy fault currents presents a complicity and seems not to be completely known. In this paper, measurements better than before through faster A/D converters are presented and the observed phenomena are investigated. Measurements of the fusible wire arc resistance and I-V plots are also presented and peculiarities are analysed. The related phenomena during the fuses operation are explained. Multiple arcing and a sort-duration sinking of the voltage drop are explained according to the existing knowledge and interpretations of the related phenomena during sort-circuit are attempted. Further more polynomial expressions of the experimental waveforms are used as mathematical models that will aim in the phenomena investigation.

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