The Dynamics and the Transient States in the Closing Contacts

S.J. Kulas (Poland)


Power switching, bounds process, impact of contact


Contradictory technical requirements for the contact construction parameters as contact materials and geometry, external mechanical forces of spring exerted at the contact surface, velocity of contact closing and opening operation, number of contact fingers and so on, require an individual compromise for each device depending on its design and duty. In the paper questions of estimation of the dynamics of movement of the contacts, having in view the existence of contact bounds process are answered. The mechanism of their formations was explained by experimental investigations. The object of investigation was a making switch, especially the movement of its contacts after their impact. Moreover, the dynamic model of contact by which the observed movement of contacts could be explained quantitatively, was determinated. In this paper, the answers for some evaluation criteria will be discussed and Dynamic Force Analysis methods to compare different designs of contacts will be introduced.

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