Estimation of Energy Consumption in Hospitals

J.S. Katsanis, P.G. Halaris, G.N. Malahias, and P.D. Bourkas (Greece)


Energy Consumption, Hospital, Cogeneration, Heating. Nomenclature A Surrounding building surface (m2 ) d day DD degree days during a month (o Cd) ef energy saving factor L Monthly heating load (GJ/mo) mo month P Power (kW) U heat transmission factor (kWh/m2 /y) bUA)( Product of mean coefficient of thermal losses with the surrounding building surface (W/o C) w / thermal to power ratioTW EW apparatusW annual electric energy per unit floor area (p.u.f.a) (kWh/m2 /y) EW electric


In this work a satisfactory estimation of energy consumption is given for lighting, electric apparatus, elevators and heating in Hellenic and European hospitals. This estimation can contribute to the evaluation of applications of cogeneration systems in hospitals.

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