Electric Field Assessment in High Voltage Systems: Application to Live Working on Overhead Lines

H. Moulai, S. Belkhir, and F. Soukeur (Algeria)


Electric Field, Live Working, Charge Simulating Program, Approach Distances.


-This paper presents a numerical survey on Electric Field Distribution in electrode arrangements commonly met while executing a live working on overhead lines. This numerical investigation is achieved using a software package based on Charge Simulating Method. Particularly, the influence of the curvature of the bodies under stress on the maximal value of the electric field and the predominance between the axial and the radial component of the electric field are shown. This knowledge is of a great importance while dimensioning the safety minimum approach distances. First, a rod plane-wall configuration is addressed and satisfactory results are obtained. This allows generalizing the use of Charge Simulating Program (CPS) for complex configurations.

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