Analog Low Cost Maximum Power Point Tracking PWM Circuit for DC Loads

J. Soler, E. Daroqui, F.J. Gimeno, S. SeguĂ­-Chilet, and S. Orts (Spain)


Photovoltaic application, Voltage MPPT, Analogue control.


The inclusion of a maximum power point tracking module in photovoltaic applications is necessary if users desire to extract the whole energy that the photovoltaic panel can generate depending on the instantaneous conditions of the installation. The MPPT module described in the paper is simulated using Pspice and tested in our laboratories using a programmable DC source. The control circuit implementation is analog, with very few components, so it is simple and cheap at the same time that robust and reliable. Systems protections and hardware adjustments are also analyzed. In the paper is also described a panel simulator circuit that allows to control a programmable DC source with the behavior of photovoltaic panels. The open circuit voltage, the short-circuit current and the form factor of the v/i characteristic can be varied with three potentiometers. Simulation and hardware are included in the paper.

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