Grid Connection Transients of Slip-Ring Induction Generator using Direct Voltage Control Method

G. Iwanski and W. Koczara (Poland)


power electronics, power generation, renewable energy sources, island power systems, slip-ring induction generator


The following paper presents stand-alone mode operation of a slip-ring induction generator. This kind of generator operation used in the island power systems needs the fixed output voltage amplitude and frequency. A high power wind, water turbine or internal combustion engine driving a slip-ring induction generator can be the main supplier of the isolated power system. Moreover, in the event of mains outage of grid connected system the island operation of the generator can be useful - they can supply part of an isolated grid load. The described method, based on space vector theory, provides control in steady and transient states of the generated stator voltage. Therefore not only fixed voltage amplitude and frequency are achieved but also voltage phase is controlled. This permits soft synchronization to the grid. In the presented Direct Voltage Control method the rotor position encoders are not used. Moreover any information from speed sensor or observer about the rotor speed are not necessary. Rotor current amplitude and frequency are calculated from the voltage regulators. Results of the laboratory tests are shown below.

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