Reusing Balanced Power Flow Object Components for Developing Harmonic Power Flow

S. Nadarajah, K.M. Nor, and M. Abdel-Akher (Malaysia)


Balanced Power Flow, Harmonic Power flow, Object Oriented Programming, Component Technology, Software Reuse


This paper presents the development of a harmonic power flow by reusing balanced power flow object components. This is achieved by extending balanced power flow object components system for developing the new harmonic power flow component. The harmonic flow component is developed based on composition (aggregation) to reduce the coupling between it and the reused balanced loaf flow object components. The object oriented power system model that models the real network devices is also extended for developing classes to model the nonlinear loads such as six-pulse converters. The harmonic injected current is calculated based on a six pulse nonlinear device model while the harmonic power flow is calculated using the harmonic penetration method. The harmonic power flow component is reused for developing functioning application component based development application. The harmonic power flow solution can be obtained up to any harmonic order and up to any number of buses.

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