Restoring Power Flow Solutions – An Approach via Newton Optimization Technique

L.V. Barboza, R. Salgado, and A.A.P. Lerm (Brazil)


Unsolvable power flow, optimal power flow, Newton op timization method, corrective power flow solutions, step length control


This paper focuses on a methodology to determine correc tive adjustments in the electric network when the steady state power system equations have no real solution. Gen erally, this happens if the system is heavily loaded and/or if a severe contingency occurs. The proposed methodol ogy is a version of the Newton optimization method with step length control. The summation of the squared active and reactive power mismatches is used as the perform ance index and thus a small load sheddings is recom mended at some specified buses in order to obtain an op erational point for the electric power system. The effi ciency of the proposed strategy is assessed with five power systems, the IEEE 14, 30 and 118 buses and two real networks of 749 and 1916 buses equivalent to the Brazilian South-Southeastern power system.

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