Control Program Development System

D.V. Chernakov and V.V. Okol’nishnikov (Russia)


Process control system, programmable logic controller,PLC programmable tools, control program


The control program development system (CPDS) is a part of the software for process control system of North Mujsk railway tunnel (Baikal-Amur Railroad, East Siberia). CPDS is a PLC (programmable logic controller) programming system. CPDS is intended for development of step-by-step automatic control programs and conditions of their automatic start. A group of steps can be executed both sequentially and in parallel. The control program can be automatically distributed on controllers. CPDS is intended for users who has no the experience of programming. The system provides the simple interface. The system automatically produces syntactical correct control programs in C++ that are ready for execution on the controller. The system automatically produces the documentation to this program in Microsoft Word.

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