Synthesis of the Multi-Input Adder with the Maximal Operating Speed

V.I. Kochergin, L.A. Belitskaya, and V.A. Gogolin (Russia)


Hardware components, synthesis, digital controllingelectric drive devices


The paper suggests untraditional approach for synthe sizing and designing devices concept of geometric synthesis, based on the method of multi-dimensional digital sets usage (which is an analogue to the analytical theory of numerations) [1]. The Space Packing concept proposed by E. S. Fedorov in "new geometry" is the base for this method. The major point in synthesis is a compilation of multi-dimensional verity tables and, on their basis, of geometric images of logical or arithmeti cal functions. At the same time, a schematic implemen tation of a certain digital device, which realizes this function, can be fully automated by applying computing machinery.

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