Modern Signal Shape Digitizers at Budker INP

A. Batrakov, A. Chertovskih, B. Karymov, M. Kochergin, and V. Sazansky (Russia)


Scientific research, Waveform, Digitizer, Timing, Application.


Four models of signal shape digitizers designed and widely used in Budker INP are discussed in report: ADC 333 (4 multiplexed channels, 12bits, 500ns/channel, 65kwords of buffer memory), ADC-200 (2 simultaneous channels, 8bits, 5ns/measure, 128kwords/channel), MUX4(161) (64 channels analogue multiplexer with switching time 1s) and ADC-502 (2 simultaneous channels, 12bits, 20ns/measure, 128kwords of buffer). The physics-friendly features of these devices are discussed: program selectable voltage ranges, external timing with arbitrary frequency, rigid synchronization of trigger and timing frequency, different operating modes. Described devices are hardware components of many data acquisition systems in Budker INP and examples of application are presented.

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