High-Speed Triangulation Method for Industrial Inspection of Dynamic Objects

A.N. Baybakov, V.M. Gurenko, S.V. Plotnikov, and V.V. Sotnikov (Russia)


Triangulation method, automatic inspection, wheel pair


Specific problems arising under automatic optical inspection of geometrical parameters of dynamic objects as freight car wheels is discussed. These problems include a changeable ambient illumination and high dynamic range of scattered light intensity when the surface under inspection is moving fast (speed up to 20 m/s). Some methods for solving these problems are proposed. They include an automatic adjustment of the measuring signal amplitude, its spectral and spatial filtration. It is shown that the most optimal photodetectors for triangulation measures used in systems for dimensional inspection of freight car wheels are position-sensitive detectors (PSD). An automatic diagnostic system for measurement of running wheel pairs geometrical parameters, performances and results of experimental testing are presented.

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