Swiss Virtual Campus: Lessons Learned from Five-year Nationwide Experience

M. Wentland Forte


Swiss Virtual Campus, E-learning, Integration, Share-and-Reuse, Motivation


The Swiss Virtual campus was initiated, in the year 2000, as an approximately CHF 60 million Federal Programme, for a period of eight years. It is aimed at development of teaching modules in the hope providing virtual mobility through a well orchestrated use of information and communication technology (ICT) in open and distance learning. The impulse phase (2000–2003) financed the design and development of about 50 projects while the on-going consolidation programme (2004–2007) seeks to anchor and improve the first phase results and to stabilize development teams through the establishment of competence centers. The lessons learned are of different types ranging from the fact that “Getting started is a very long and painful process to “Stopping a project is not so easy and assessment is a quite delicate task to “Share-and-reuse is still not a panacea because the not-invented-by-me syndrome is deeply rooted in teachers’ minds.

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