Modelling of Electrical and Structural Property of Thin Diamond Films

M.M. Bataineh, S. Khatami, D.K. Reinhard, and J. Asmussen, Jr.


Impedance spectroscopy modelling, CVD diamond, electrical properties, structural properties, growth parameters


The objective of this article is to add to the experimental understanding of the relationship between the electrical properties of diamond and the growth input and output parameters. A wide selection of thin polycrystalline CVD diamond is investigated using the impedance spectroscopy (IS) modelling technique. The films are analyzed in the as-grown and annealed states. As part of this task, the as-grown dc resistivity of the films is correlated to four growth output parameters: average grain size, full width half maximum (FWHM), diamond to graphite signal ratio, and growth parameter, α. In addition, the ac properties are analyzed in terms of a developed ac circuit model. Also investigated in this study are the annealing and temperature effects on electrical conductivity and ac circuit model parameters for as-grown and annealed diamond films.

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