Performance of a Regenerative MHD Power Plant

M. El Ha j Assad and C. Wu


Magnetohydrodynamic, regenerator, power, efficiency


A theoretical model for investigating the performance of a regenerative magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) power plant is presented. Using continuity, momentum, and energy equations of the flowing gas in the MHD generator, we investigate the effect of constant velocity and constant Mach number cases as operating conditions of the generator on the power plant performance. Internal as well as external irreversibilities are taken into consideration. The effects of temperature ratio across the compressor and number of heat transfer units of regenerator are analyzed numerically. The results show that at low temperature ratios, the regenerative power plant produces higher power and has greater efficiency. However, the use of regenerators decreases the maximum power and the corresponding thermal efficiency. Both constant velocity and constant Mach number cases are identical in performance when the plant is endoreversible without regenerator. General expressions for power and efficiency are also given.

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