Impact of New Technology on Asian Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Development in the 21st Century, Part B: China and Japan

T.J. Hammons


Electric energy development, Asian electricity infrastructure, new technologies in power generation, Chinese and Japanese electricity infrastructure, Three Gorges power system, compact transmission


This article (with its companion article) discusses the impact of new technology on Asian power generation, transmission, and distribution in the 21st century. Developments in China in relation to the Three Gorges scheme are examined. Transmission lines with compact structures, automation of distribution systems such as switching devices, telemeter, and tele-signaling; together with utilities program-controlled exchanges to realize automation of meter data reading, and other devices are discussed. Perspectives on growth and application of power electronics technologies in electric power systems in Japan together with future electric power demand, trunk power networks, power supply to large city areas, dispersed generation, and the application of power electronics technologies are also discussed.

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