Implementing Technology in Electric Power Generation to Limit Climate Change: Part B; CO2-free Power Generation Plants and Next-Generation Power Systems

T.J. Hammons


State-of-the-art electric power generation, technology to limit climate change, renewables, CO2 removal and combustion turbines, fuel cells with distributed power generation, low-emission power plan


This article discusses CO2-free power generation plants and next- generation power systems. Advanced clean coal technologies and PC power plants are examined. Precombustion/postcombustion decarbonization processes for process schemes for CO2-free power generation plants are discussed, and new developments in fuel decarbonization are considered. Next-generation power systems using natural-gas simple- and combined-cycle turbine systems and decentralized co-generation plants running on natural gas projected to provide the bulk of new power generation capacity worldwide, together with proposed turbine/fuel cell hybrid systems, are also discussed. This article is a companion to Part A, which addresses improving steam generator technology, repowering, and electric power generation in Japan.

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