Implementing Technology in Electric Power Generation to Limit Climate Change: Part B; CO2-free Power Generation Plants and Next-Generation Power Systems

T.J. Hammons


Stateoftheart electric power generation, technology to limit climate change, renewables, CO2 removal and combustion turbines, fuel cells with distributed power generation, lowemission power plan


This article discusses CO2-free power generation plants and nextgeneration power systems. Advanced clean coal technologies and PC power plants are examined. Precombustion/postcombustion decarbonization processes for process schemes for CO2-free power generation plants are discussed, and new developments in fuel decarbonization are considered. Next-generation power systems using natural-gas simpleand combined-cycle turbine systems and decentralized co-generation plants running on natural gas projected to provide the bulk of new power generation capacity worldwide, together with proposed turbine/fuel cell hybrid systems, are also discussed. This article is a companion to Part A, which addresses improving steam generator technology, repowering, and electric power generation in Japan.

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