Architectural Software Power Estimation Support for Power Aware Remote Processing

G. Kaefer, J. Haid, K. Voit, and R. Weiss


Power awareness, remote processing, code migration, distributed systems, wireless networks


Mobile devices can reduce their energy consumption through power- aware remote processing. Software components running on battery- operated wireless nodes are migrated to wall-power wired remote servers. To increase the efficiency of power-aware remote processing, we propose a novel integrated estimator for software components’ power and energy consumption. This adaptive estimator is based on a software component interface. The interface provides power and timing information. The unit is one of the main components in our framework for power-aware remote processing, providing information for efficient internal decision making whether software components can profit by migration and remote execution or not. We present results from our framework evaluated in Java environment and standard wearable computing hardware, using sample software components for AES encryption and decryption.

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