Geographical Image Processing using GisTool

G.K. Adam and V.G. Pappas


Image processing, geographical data, statistical analysis


The applications of geographical information management today are various and of considerable valuable. However, the need for proper organization and manipulation of the information provided, particularly online, has become very intensive. This study attempts to integrate geographical databases and data analysis tools, using an interactive information management system created for this purpose called GisTool. The aim is to provide a proper structure for geographical data management and, in particular, faster image processing, in order to be used for training, educational, and research purposes. Based on this environment, the graphical user interface that has been developed provides interactive management of geographical information and the opportunity for advanced users to develop more speciļ¬c applications. The whole system comprises a flexible structure that is continuously evolving and being improved in order to maintain up-to-date geographical information.

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