Divisible Blind Signatures based on Hash Chains

C.I. Fan and C.L. Lei


Blind signatures, electronic cash, electronic voting, security and privacy, cryptology


This article presents an efficient divisible blind signature scheme that makes it possible to divide a blind signature with a specified value into a sequence of subsignatures with smaller values for a sequence of different designated verifications. In the proposed scheme every signature can be divided into subsignatures with arbitrary positive values as long as the total value of them is equal to the speciļ¬ed value of that signature. Furthermore, no time-consuming operations such as modular exponentiation operations and inverse computations are required for a user to obtain and verify a divisible blind signature in the protocol. In particular, the proposed scheme can be applied to many interesting communication services, such as anonymous scoring services, divisible electronic cash systems, and multi-recastable voting protocols.

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