Conversational Learning via Video Conferencing and Video Clips: A Singapore Case

C. Hu, L. Sharpe, A.F.L. Wong, and L. Crawford


Video streaming, video conferencing, teacher education, conversational learning


This paper describes an experience in Singapore in which student teachers talked to one another and viewed video clips streamed via multipoint desktop video conferencing (MDVC). The experience provided opportunities for professional development of student teachers by allowing them to share ideas, experiences, and teaching resources in real time with an audience wider than that in the schools where they taught. The student teachers were, in general, positive about the experience. A pre-post teaching practice questionnaire was administered on 44 student teachers, of whom 20 participated in weekly video conferencing and 24 did not. The student teachers who had weekly video conferencing reported a more positive experience of their teaching practice. Self-reported teaching competencies are higher in the post-questionnaire for both groups, although no significant differences are found.

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