IVDA: Intelligent Real-Time Video Detection Agent for Virtual Classroom Presentation

R.Y.D. Xu, J.S. Jin, and J.G. Allen


Video event detection, multimedia streaming, synchronous virtual classroom, video processing, computer vision, e-learning


Audiovisual streaming has been extensively used in synchronous virtual classroom applications. Until recently, content-based processing has rarely been used in real-time streaming. We present, in this paper, an intelligent system that uses state-of-the-art video processing and computer vision technologies that can automatically respond to various video events defined by a set of preprogrammed rules. This intelligent system performs object acquisition, automatic video editing, and student multimedia presentation synchronization that can leverage both the capabilities and efficiencies in multimedia streaming for a real-time synchronous virtual classroom. We present detailed discussions of the four major advantages of the system, namely, inexpensive hardware, automation, environment adaptabilities as well as natural teaching flow. We describe the system in detail, illustrating the main cutting-edge video-processing algorithms being incorporated as well as our own research findings in an effort to enhance performance over the existing algorithms used in virtual classrooms. We also show the implementation of the current prototype system as well as explore its potential in future e-learning applications.

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