MATLAB-based Modelling of Power System Components in Transient Stability Analysis

R. Patel and K.V. Pagalthivarthi


Electric power systems, modelling, simulation, transientstability analysis, MATLAB/Simulink


This work presents a simplified yet effective approach to modelling of various power-system components in transient stability analysis. Mathematical modelling is first briefly presented. This is useful for the assessment of system performance, in the design and coordination of supplementary control and protective circuits, and also for system stability studies related to the planning and operation of power systems. The extent of details in a model depends on the purpose of the study. Simulation study over a multimachine power system example demonstrates the features and scope of a Simulink-based model in transient stability analysis. The simplified approach adopted in modelling the system equations directly, provides a very interactive environment and also provides the user with easy access to the system parameters. More importantly, the computational time is significantly reduced, and thereby prompt display of the results and quick decision-making is made possible. An integral and self-sufficient model has been illustrated in its complete details.

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