A Distributed Object-oriented Programming System with Dynamic Reconfiguration Capability

T. Horie, K. Yamasaki, T. Tsuji, T. Hochin, and K. Higuchi


Distributed object, dynamic reconfiguration, object migration, federation, component model


In a large scaled distributed object-oriented system composed of more than one subsystem, such as those of enterprises or organizations, it is very difficult to manage the whole system in a unified manner. In addition to providing the capability of abstracting the runtime structure of the objects’ organization properly, such distributed systems should be able to confine the influence of their runtime dynamic reconfiguration to localized and encapsulated objects set under appropriate authentication mechanism. DROPS (Dynamically Reconfigurable Object-oriented Programming System) was designed and constructed to meet such a requirement. First we propose the three kinds of model, namely dynamic relation, domain object, and place, in order to meet the requirements. Second, we describe how these models are embodied in DROPS. We then present some running examples that show the dynamic reconfiguration in DROPS. Finally, we compare our system with other related work.

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