A Study on the Position Estimation of the Steel Plate in Non-Contact Conveyance System

Y. Kueon, H.J. Yoon, J.S. Choi, K.S. Jung, and Y.S. Baek (Korea)


Steel strip, magnetic levitation, non-contact conveyance,air gap, and spatial position estimation


There is a requirement to improve the quality of the steel in making or transporting process. To realize such a requirement, a non-contact conveyance is proposed, and thus, the application of a magnetic levitation to steel plate conveyance is suitable. Sensors which get the position of steel also need to be non-contact in order to maintain non contact characteristic of the system. Non-contact sensors are very expensive. And many sensors make system complicated. To reduce sensors, this paper proposes the method of the spatial position estimation of steel plate without using sensors. This method simplifies non-contact conveyance system and cuts down expenses to make system. We estimate the spatial position of steel plate with currents supplied for electromagnet to maintain a fixed air gap. And we verify performance through the experiments.

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