Learning "Ad Absurdum": A Control Education Application

K.R. Chernyshov and E.Ph. Jharko (Russia)


Control education, Entropy, Gaussian distributions, Identification algorithms, Information theory, Integrals, Joint probability, Nonlinear systems, Random variables, Software tools, Systems methodogy


The paper proposes an approach to activate students' graduate experience and motivate theirs cognition abilities in the given field of science in order of preparing to independent research activity. Such activation and motivation are proposed to be implemented via special assignments on analysis of "real", that is actually published, scientific results in order to find delusions, errors, etc. therein. The present paper demonstrates ways and methods, both analytical and simulation ones, to be applied to analyze delusions concerned with various attempts of generalization of conventional techniques and notions relating to such a brand of control theory as system identification. The paper presents methods and formulates corresponding assignments to reveal the delusions concerned with information theoretic approaches: application of the mutual (Shannon) information and attempts of generalization of the notion of entropy.

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