Eventology of Verbal Associations

A. Dedova (Russia)


Fuzzy events, eventology, verbal associations


An interest of mathematicians in the natural language and development of fuzzy mathematics allows the man to research of mind and his behaviour. This paper is devoted to eventological description of some linguistic and psychological notion, connected with associative verbal behavior of mind and also to eventological formulation and interpretation of problems on word-occurences in natural languages, which are considered as random fuzzy events. We have to emphasize that the case in point is an eventological foundation of research work in linguo-psychological field, and a motion of random fuzzy events studied by eventology, a new direction of probability theory. Author eventologist -- does not consider herself as an expert neither in linguistics nor in psychology and only try to tell in new eventological language about her first impressions on linguo-psychological landscape of the interdisciplinary field, where she founds herself by will of providence as wanderer, who hopes that eventological language will make it possible for her to embody some fuzzy details of the misty verbal associations landscape into the evento logical theory mathematically correctly, briefly and fully.

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