Capture Uncontrolled Spinning Satellite by a Space Manipulator

P. Huang, Y. Xu, and B. Liang (PRC)


Space manipulator, uncontrolled spinning satellite, trajec tory planning and control.


On-orbit rescuing uncontrolled spinning satellite is the great challenges for the future space service. This paper1 mainly presents a method for capturing an uncontrolled spinning satellite by a space manipulator. we focus on the research ideal of capture in this article. Firstly, we define the simple dynamical model for a space robot system and an uncontrolled spinning satellite, prescribing the config uration of manipulator and end-effector in order to satisfy the capture requirement. Then, we propose a capture ap proach, trajectory planning and control scheme in detail. The capture planning and control is simplified as the un controlled spinning satellite almost rotates synchronously with respect to the end-effector of the manipulator. Finally, the simulation study verifies that the proposed method is valid and useful in capturing for the uncontrolled spinning satellite.

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