An Automated System for Inspection of Growth Defects on Heteroepitaxial Structures

D.N. Bondar', V.S. Varavin, N.N. Mikhailov, Y.V. Obidin, and K.V. Petukhov (Russia)


Optoelectronic system, microscopy, inspection, measurement, defect


Description, characteristics, algorithms and results of operation of automated system for inspection of distribution of growth defects on surfaces of heteroepitaxial structures (HS) of MCT grown by molecular beam epitaxy (HS MCT MBE) are given. The system makes it possible to scan the tested surface and obtain maps and distributions that in turn let us inspect stages and conditions of technological process of growing HS MCT MBE. Moreover the defect maps ensure the optimal usage of the suitable surface when cutting the wafer into individual photodetectors. The developed system allows us to detect the minimal defect size about 2mkm with wafers full inspection no more than 2 hours and measurement inaccuracy of 1mkm.

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