Computer Control System for 3D Laser Recording and Detection of Microstructures in Volume Media

A.Yu. Belikov, N.N. Vyukhina, V.N. Zatolokin, P.E. Tverdokhleb, A.V. Trubetskoy, I.Sh. Steinberg, and Ju.A. Shepetkin (Russia)


Recording medium, multilayer memory, heterodyne detection


An automated optoelectronic system is presented in this article. We report experimental results on application of the two-beam laser technique for local recording and heterodyne detection of microgratings (microholograms) in X, Y, Z-space of volume recording media. Research was performed in iron-doped lithium niobate as well as in thick photopolymer materials. The typical size of a micrograting in X, Y, Z-axis is 0.941.369 m3 (the size depends on the laser wavelength, the numerical aperture of the microobjective and the medium refractive index). Characteristics of a single micrograting and of the micrograting matrix which was recorded at different depths of the recording medium are presented.

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