Information Technology for Solving of Problems Connected on Expert Conclusion and Construction of Medical Intelligent System on Basis of this Technology

A.E. Yankovskaya, R.V. Ametov, E.A. Muratova, G.E. Chernogoryuk, and I.A. Mandel (Russia)


Test pattern recognition, intelligent system, irredundant tests and medicine.


The information technology for solving of problems connected on expert conclusion is proposed. This technology is based on development of matrix representation of data and knowledge, on algorithms of adaptive encoding of different types of information, on transformation of the solution results of one problem in the same solution of the second one connected on the expert conclusion, on the extension of matrix model of knowledge representation, on the development of combination both logical-combinatorial and logical probabilistic approaches to test pattern recognition, on the development of original mathematical apparatus for construction of unconditional and mixed logical tests, on regularities revealing in data and knowledge, on logical inference, on the collective decision-making on the set of tests and approaches, on the improvement of graphics means including cognitive means, on results realization of development of mathematical apparatus in the intelligent software tool (IST) IMSLOG and on the construction methods of medicine intelligent systems on the base of IMSLOG IST. Sphere of medicine on stomach-diseases diagnostics in connection with problem solving connected on expert conclusion have been investigated and associated data and knowledge bases in IMSLOG IST have been created. The structure of data and knowledge bases in IMSLOG IST is given.

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