Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Electric Motorcycle

C.-C. Tong, W.-S. Jwo, W.-L. Chien, Y.-L. Liu, S.-W. Chen, and C.-Y. Hsu (Taiwan)


hybrid electric vehicle, hybrid electric motorcycle (HEM), master-slave mode tracking control, power coupling


This paper proposes a design and implementation of a hybrid electric motorcycle (HEM). The proposed hybrid electric motorcycle is a revised vehicle from a 50 c.c. motorcycle and designed to match up with a 100 c.c. motorcycle. In order to expedite the developing phase and lower down the cost, a master-slave tracking control method is utilized. A DC servo-motor is deployed to tracking the speed of the rear-wheel of the motorcycle and provide more torque, i.e. power coupling, into the wheel so that the performance of hybrid electric motorcycle can be promoted. The advance of performance as well as the energy saving can both be expected. Design procedure and circuits are provided. Experimental results show the feasibility and prosperities of the proposed hybrid electric motorcycle (HEM).

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