Coordinated Design of Robust PSS and SVC Damping Controller in a Multimachine Power System

S. Dechanupaprittha, Y. Mitani (Japan), and I. Ngamroo (Thailand)


Robust control, static var compensator, power system damping controller, tabu search algorithm.


This paper proposes a coordinated design of robust PSS and SVC damping controller (DC) in a multimachine power system. The proposed design method arranges designed controllers and a multimachine power system as a decen tralized controller and a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) system, respectively. Practically, suitable parameters of co ordinate controllers are difficult to find. To overcome this problem, a tabu search (TS) is employed to search for the optimal parameters in order to improve the robustness of power system. In particular, the robust stability index is concerned to acquire the better stability margin and, simul taneously, the robust performance is guaranteed. The per formance of designed controllers under different operating conditions and disturbances is examined in a case of three area five-machine power system. Consequently, nonlinear simulation results are carried out to show the effectiveness of the designed controllers.

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